Conversion-optimized WordPress web design Agency

Turn prospects into profits with a conversion-optimized WordPress web design company?

We are a conversion-focused WordPress web design company that understands all aspects of high-conversion web design. So we build pixel-perfect, attractive, secure, fast-loading, mobile-friendly, and scalable websites with clean and clear coding practices for all shapes and sizes business, start-ups, and local professionals.

Our structured modern approaches.

Already you know why you need to launch your next idea with WordPress, so equip yourself with an award-winning WordPress web design company like WP Lunar gives your end-users a better web experience. And we propel your success through our eight structured modern WordPress development approaches.

Start a kick-off meeting to discover the project definition. 

If you need our services, then the first step is we initiate a quick informative kick-off meeting to get an idea that we are good fit for each other.

Before embarking on a project we do enough research.

Once we start working together, then we like to learn about project goal like your buyer persona, project details, budget, challenges, competition to understand your business needs.

With a strong information architecture we design a satisfying user experience.

Before writing a line of code first we plan out thoroughly and create a well-structured information architecture for your existing and potential users, so they can easily navigate and interact with your website.

With a simple Wireframe we bring clarity to your projects.

Before adding any interior and exterior elements or contents in this stage, we create a frame of your website. And it will provide you a detailed view of the content hierarchy on each page of your website.

With a seamless UI design, we create a fantastic user experience with high conversion rate.

In this stage we design a simple interactive user interface that simplifies research and navigation to avoid users frustration. So users easily interact with your website to complete their goals with a minimal effort.

Front-end Development

In this stage, we create a frame of your website before adding any interior and exterior elements.

Through our end-to-end website testing we ensure that users don’t experience any issues.

After completing the development phase we move on to the testing phase to verify that the website functions correctly with target audience’s needs and works on all devices without showing any error.

By launching and maintaining, successfully we keep your website up and running.

It’s not the end of the journey to launch website from local server to live server. Before make this live we thoroughly tested that everything is done correctly. Though testing is a continuous process which we manage through our ongoing maintenance phase and keep your website up and running.

Our Partners

WP Lunar is excited to bring your ideas to life.

So if you are ready to create your business website, let us help you to launch your dream and be your best web design partner.